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1. ABBOTT ft. Canea Quartett - Elv - EP.jpg

Project Management
ABBOTT ft. Canea Quartett

Dutch pianist and composer ABBOTT teamed up with Hamburg-based Canea Quartett to create their collaborative EP Elv.

The release includes adaptations of ABBOTT’s tracks and more pieces written for and performed by Canea Quartett.

The themes on the record are very personal – from love, self-reflection, and relationship with a father. However, pieces vary from feeling intimate to a more grand, cinematic sound.

All tracks come with performance videos whose filming took place in the middle of the Elbe river on an MS Bleichen ship.

Abbott - MC Bleichen - Selection-23.jpg
Abbott - MC Bleichen - Selection-13.jpg
Abbott - MC Bleichen - Selection-14.jpg
Abbott - MC Bleichen - Selection-57.jpg
Abbott - MC Bleichen - Selection-36.jpg
Abbott - MC Bleichen - Selection-78.jpg
Abbott - MC Bleichen - Selection-16.jpg
Abbott - MC Bleichen - Selection-42.jpg
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